celebrated 74th birthday of our member Abid Kashmiri

Today we celebrated 74th birthday of our member Abid Kashmiri, he is not our member only he is the very famous Actor of Pakistani TV, Film and Stage. An award has been presented to him for his services. It was an important day because we have also acknowledged the struggle, dedication and support of APNA’s Women Ambassador to Pakistan Ms. Romana Sheikh, she is a strong lady, a survivor of…

Apna Collaborating Needs of Brighton Beach Community

NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer visited our Center on June 18th to discuss the needs of Brighton Beach Community and how Apna can collaborate with Comptroller office to address the needs of our community. The same evening our Directors Pervez Siddiqui and Erum Hanif renewed their membership of Community Board 13th for 2nd term whereas our Director Shazia Wattoo became the member of CB 13th.